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7“ Diameter Sassafras Butter Carrier with Oak Hoops 5” high + handle   
7” Diameter Sassafras Piggin with White Oak Hoops 5” high + 5” handle   
7” Diameter Sassafras Tub with White Oak Hoops 7” high          
10” Diameter Sassasfras Butter Carrier with White Oak Hoops 7” high + handle 
10” Diameter Sassafras Bucket with Metal Hoops + Brass Rivets10” high    
14” Diameter Sassafras Tub with Metal Hoops + Brass Rivets7” high + handles  
If you would like to place an order, please provide with your name, e-mail address, street address including zip code, and your phone number. PLACE OREDER HERE In addition, describe the item/items you are interested in purchasing. Upon receipt of your information, I will calculate pricing of the item/items, and shipping costs. You will then be contacted by return e-mail with the results of your request. Then I will follow up with a phone call to complete your order and obtain any information that may be required. Special Order Sizes: May be done through special quotation. Let me know your request and I will provide you with a price. Alternate woods:  If you are interested in a quote on an alternate wood, please let me know your wood choice. I have access to other locally grown hardwoods woods such as Red Cedar, Cherry, and Black Walnut. Some of these woods are featured in the Photo Gallery. 
Custom Work Available